Rooftop Solar Solutions

Full Installation - If your interested in putting in solar but don't know where to start, call us and we'll get it figured out for you.


The solar panels are arranged on your roof to catch the most sunlight possible. This is very crucial as wrongly placed panels can lead to a reduction in your earnings. Holsen Home provides free no obligation surveys to assess the suitability of your roof and give you an estimate of your returns. One of the first things we look at is the size of your roof to determine how many panels can fit on there. We offer a range of systems to fit all types of roofs – even ones considered by some companies to be too awkward and complicated – so long as there’s sunshine we can provide the solar panels. To measure your roof size we will need access to your loft area (please make sure that this will be available on the day). Once we have these measurements we can discuss with you your requirements as per what size of system you would like.

Holsen Home will also review your circuit breakers so we can assess how to best integrate the inverter system in your home. Before surveying your property, it is important to take into account that in certain circumstances a property may require planning permission before solar panels can be installed.

  • Reduce or Eliminate Energy Bills
  • Reduce or Eliminate Blackouts
  • Monitor Energy Production & Usage
  • Easily Upgraded

Tax Credit through 2032

What Is Our Purpose Of Surveying:

Surveying helps us to provide an accurate quotation, one of our electrical engineers would need to conduct a survey on your roof. We need to see how many solar panels we can fit, and what your returns are likely to be. We take into account the size of the roof, the angle, the orientation, and the location of the property to see how the system can best be incorporated into your home.


One of the first questions that we ask when a homeowner inquires about solar power is to see a copy of a recent energy bill. This is because we want you to see the maximum benefit from your investment in a solar electric system, and an analysis of your rooftop size, conditions such as shading, and your typical energy usage will tell us what can be actually expected.

The number of solar panels needed to power a home or building does not necessarily depend on the size of the structure. Many different factors play into the overall energy usage. A large home with Energy Star appliances, replacement windows, LED Lighting and an energy efficient roof may use less electricity than a smaller home with drafty windows, a leaky roof, incandescent lighting and old and outdated appliances. Even the habits of those living in the home affect energy use.

The fact is that your roof can only fit so many solar panels. If you have a lot of property, you may also be able to choose a pole mounted solar panel system in order to add more panels. However, an easier and more convenient choice would be to reduce your energy usage and live more efficiently, so that you can reduce the amount of electricity used, which means that your solar power system will need to produce less to keep up with demand.

A home energy audit will help you improve your energy efficiency by identifying the points in your home where electricity is wasted, and will provide you with the solutions to fix them. Reducing the amount of energy wasted will improve the benefit of a home solar system, and can help you save money, or even earn it.


With the information we collect we will design one or more initial systems incorporating the technologies we believe will best fit your budget and needs. This design will include both a solar system to meet your needs, and recommendations to lower your energy usage.

We also develop a detailed financial performance quote that allows you to see the long term financial benefits, the best financing program, and the results you can look forward to.

We answer all of your questions and provide detailed information related to our proposed designs and the products we recommend so that you can make an informed decision.


Our team of qualified, friendly solar professionals will arrive with your new system on the day of installation. Installations can take up to ten hours on a more complicated roof, or as little as half a day for smaller and easily accessible systems.

The last stage of the installation will be to commission the system for you and ensure you fully understand how everything works.

The installation will be done by our team of highly experienced installers. All electrical work is performed by a licensed insured Electrician.


Once your solar system is properly designed and installed, you want to be able to audit the output performance and make sure it's working correctly 24/7. After all, monitoring your system and how it's performing is an important part of going solar. At Holsen Home, we offer our customers remote Internet-based online solar monitoring for every system we install.

With online monitoring, you can review detailed data about your solar installation any time of the day from anywhere in the world with Internet access. You can track your solar photovoltaic system's energy output and see that it's working properly as well as find out just how much money you're saving whenever you want to check in. Additionally, if for some reason your installation isn't performing properly or there is some type of issue with production, you will be immediately alerted and the Holsen Home Solar Energy Systems will dispatch a skilled solar repair technician to inspect the problem with your system and correct it immediately.

DIY With Help

If you are interested in doing a DIY solar system and are not afraid of working on a roof then a Do-It-Yourself Holsen Home installation could be in the cards for you: This can save quite a bit of money and make payback and Return-On-Investment significantly better!

We can help you with a DIY installation;

We have a decade of hands-on experience installing solar, and can point out the do's and don’ts. We can also help you with electrical code questions, and the administrative process around Solar Installations.


Going solar is a good investment for you and it is our job to get it done. It’s how we make sales and build customer relationships. We approach each project with your best interests in mind focusing on delivering value and performance. You don’t have to take our word for it rather we’ll give you references so you can speak with our clients, or read customer testimonials.

Do you have some questions? Give us a call, and we can answer some questions for you, or do research for you if needed.

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