Experience how one seamless, integrated, customized smart solution can meet all your needs and streamline managing your business. Holsen’s Smart Business services will engineer your complete business need with ultra-high-quality equipment to enhance security and attract maximum capacity and sales. Your system will be easy to use—you won’t need to learn different operating systems or switch among several aps. And, your smart system will be installed to perfection. We won’t leave a wire in sight.

From startups to franchises, Holsen’s Smart Business can meet any need, including creative, customized solutions we build just for you.


Holsen’s Smart Business can build your network from the ground up or reconfigure your existing business to your exact specifications. We do it all with a smart, comprehensive, seamless solution that’s easy to manage. And, our professional installation will keep your business looking neat and efficient. We do it all, small jobs or large, including

  • Pulling low-voltage wiring
  • Patch panel work
  • Rack work
  • Providing and configuring switches, routers, servers, firewalls and comprehensive network management

Security & Cameras

Feel secure that your business is safe and well managed with a robust view from your smartphone of all business activity and staff comings and goings. Integrated ultra-high-resolution cameras and door access systems can send videos, photos, or names via face recognition software to your phone so you can monitor the level of business and who is on or off site at any time.


Holsen’s Smart Business excels at creating customized, ideal, commercial-grade smart audio and video systems to any configuration that will best serve your business demands. Simplify and streamline your operation by easily controlling all of your speakers and video monitors and their multiple sources from a single tablet—no more struggling to control dozens of TVs. We’ll work with your existing system or create an entirely new experience for your customers.


Create the exact ambiance to meet your business needs with smart, attractive LED lighting. From backlighting, under-bar or over-cabinet, glowing or floating shelving, accentuating spaces or images to glow or pop, or anything you can dream of, Holsen’s Smart Business services can do it all. Quickly and easily change the color and mood of your space from serene, to party central, to something in between to meet changing customer desires, all from a single tablet.

Custom Solutions

Holsen’s Smart Business can meet most any need. If your business requires something you can’t get out of the box that integrates video cameras, technology, solar panels, and more, we can completely customize and build something for you. Check out some of our custom solutions from here.