Professional Christmas Light Installation

Imagine a holiday season where you don’t have to have to go on the roof. With permanent, professionally installed Christmas lights, you’ll have the ability to turn your lights on right from your phone. Create patterns, animations, and colors to light up your neighborhood all year-round. Now you can easily decorate for Halloween, Christmas, Independence Day or any other special occasion.

Save $750 on Whole-House Holiday Light Installation

*Promo valid until March 31, 2024

Custom LED Outdoor Lighting

The low-profile track lighting will be color-matched to your home to blend in during the day. Each installation is custom-fit to any home or shape. With multiple different profiles of track, we can find the right one for your roofline and match it to over 150 different soffit and fascia colors.

Each installation takes about one day to complete. The track is permanently fastened to the soffit by sliding one side of the track under the L-trim of the fascia and inserting a color-matched screw into the other side. You’ll never have to take down the lights and they will be protected and safe in all weather conditions.

Endless Patterns, Colors, and Animations

Not only will you never have to hang holiday lights again, but you’ll have the ability to set custom timers for any day of the year. Plus, with access to over 16 million different colors and hundreds of patterns and animations, you’ll have a custom effect for any holiday. Pre-set holiday patterns include everything from Christmas and Halloween to Chinese New Year and Diwali. Manage your entire system using the cloud-enabled app and be the envy of the neighborhood all year round.

Holsen Home is a licensed, local distributor for Gemstone Lights. We serve customers in the Fargo-Moorhead area and surrounding Red River Valley communities. Contact us today and we’ll provide a free estimate on your custom holiday light installation project.

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to request a free quote and save $500 on installation.

    Save $750 on Whole House Holiday Light Installation

    *Promo valid until March 31, 2024