Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – Residential and Commercial

Seeing an electric vehicle (EV) driving through town is no longer an abnormality. Over the last 10 years, EV ownership has continued to grow and it’s projected that between 2021 and 2030, it will continue to grow by 26%. In addition, there are increasing incentives to install more EV charging stations, both residential and commercial, to make owning an electric vehicle even more accessible.
Holsen Home can install standard J1772 connectors or Tesla connectors for both residential and commercial needs. Plus, for all 2023 installs, you’ll receive a 30% (ITC) Federal Tax Rebate based on the full install cost of your EV charging system.

Residential EV Chargers

Charging an EV from an existing standard, Level 1, outlet can be infuriatingly slow. With a Level 2 charger from Holsen Home you’ll be heading out of your garage more quickly. We’ll upgrade your garage electrical wiring and install a high-power, Level 2 charger for standard electric vehicles or Tesla EVs. Installations typically take 1 day and require no major remodeling or construction.

Commercial Destination Chargers

For businesses, a Level 2 electric vehicle charging station can attract Eco-conscious customers and revenue to your business. Customers who drive electric vehicles love access to a Level 2 charge while they shop and non-customers, who merely pay for a charge, become aware of your business. These chargers are ideal for hotels, restaurants, breweries, etc.
You can monitor and track when, how long, and how often your charger is used to determine how best to increase revenue with your charger. For-profit chargers can generate more revenue from customers who are more satisfied with your business offerings.

The Newest in Ultra High Speed EV Chargers

Level 3 Chargers, also known as DC Fast Chargers are ultra high speed chargers for the newest in EVs. DC Fast Chargers require significant planning and power requirements. Holsen Home can assist in planning, purchasing and installation of your new DC Fast Chargers. There are also significant federal grants that are becoming available as part of the new Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). Holsen Home can assist in applications for grants.

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