MCA-88 8 Source, 8 Zone Controller Amplifier

Whole Home Audio

Holsen Home can build a whole home audio solution to make your home the center of attention

Our products are Ethernet enabled devices allowing for IP based features and control. It allows based control systems to integrate with, control, and communicate bi-directionally through an open protocol. In addition to dedicated keypads and touchscreen control options, the free App (iOS and Android) controls all Ethernet connected products on the LAN including the MCA-88 and its source components.

  • 6 Amplified Zones @40W/ch
  • Fixed/Variable Line Out for All Zones
  • Up to 8 Line-Level Stereo Inputs, 3 Digital Coaxial and 1 Optical

Home Theater

Projectors & TVs, intergrated surround sound that works with your overall whole home audio system, light and more to make your home theater experience truly unique